Back to the future between Hungary and the EU – Revisiting the Tavares Report in light of current events.

This show, the “The shadow of the future: deconstructing global politics” is a podcast series, hosted by Tekla Gabrichidze, Mónica Silva, and Nini Basaria.

In 2013 the European Parliament adopted the Tavares Report, the first of its kind to express serious concerns in Hungary regarding infringements to the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights.

Our guest for the following two podcasts is Rui Tavares –inter alia, historian, writer and the rapporteur of the Tavares Report. In this first part Rui will take us back a decade to share insight on the process-making of the Report, his visit to Budapest, his relation with the Hungarian people, and the consequent inaction of the European Council.

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