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Welcome to the “First University Radio of the city of Pest” (EPER)!
EPER is a non-profit small power community station in downtown Budapest. We are a nonprofit NGO and broadcast from the buildings of the Eötvös Loránd University. Our staff are made up of students and teachers of the university or of other institutions of higher education.
On the FM band you can get the program on 97 MHz – mostly Hungarian speech.

Download foreign language (including English) programs here 

Email us at radioeper97(@)gmail.com

See our studio timetable for future meetings at the studio

Call us at  +36-1-485-52-00 / 2191 (live show) or /3116 (editorial room)

Listen to the live stream here

If you wish to work with us, come to our editorial meeting. You can produce programs at the studio, ELTE BTK University, Múzeum krt 6-8, room -131.

Please note that on our main FM program we do not broadcast music. This is a talk station. However, you may produce music podcasts.


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A selection form our programs:

  • Minorities in Budapest (Jewish and Roma) (2014)
  • Irish in Budapest (2014) by Jessica and James
  • Americans in Budapest (2014) by Michael Brophy and Derek Bowler
  • In Spanish language: Espańoles por el mundo / Spanish in Budapest (2014) by Erika Albero and Roxana Montagud
  • In German language: A program about Hungarian Germans by Erasmus students
  • In Turkish language: Culture and identity with Turkish minority living in Budapest by Sinan Egemen
  • In French language: Identités culturelles ŕ Budapest by Charles Danet


  • Erasmus students about national identity (2014)
  • Day in Budapest
  • Language barriers in Budapest
  • Timeline  (episodes in English and Hungarian)
  • A German Erasmus student in Budapest
  • Brigitta Kienberger –  Moritz Hagen Waschbüsch
  • Irish Guide to Budapest
  • The Irish Guide to Budapest is the definite guide for 20 something students visiting Budapest…
  • The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Magyars
  • If you want to understand Hungarians… it may or may not help you

Radio University lectures:

  • Jeremy Leggett: Half Gone: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and the Global Energy Crisis
  • Richard Lohmann: Measuring size and distance in Astronomy
  • Zekye Dogan: Modernization of Turkey and the press

Other feature presentations  in English

  • Irish Music Hour Irish Music Hour charts the development of Irish music through the last 60 years..
  • Turkish Reflections  A program about Turkish music, culture and life.  Made by the students of Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey.  2005. dec.
  • Rock music in communist Romania (mp3) An insider’s view of the history of Romanian rock music. By Mara Rotarus.
  • Romania, the country and the people  (mp3) by Mara Rotarus
  • Portrait: Mark Milstein photojournalist.  A program by Jörg Zeipelt and Lena Mörsch (2008)
  • On to Mars!  Spend 2 weeks on Mars – with Mars Society  (Ed. Henrik Hargitai) 2006.03.


  • Solar Sytem Nomenclature.
  • Hungarian Tree of Life
  • Sonic Mediterranian. An acustic travel from Egypt to Athens.  (2006, H. Hargitai)


  • Tunguska Explosion – a reconstruction
  • Bioacustics. Birdsongs of Hungary.

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