ESCape the ordinary – Latvian edition

What is it like to be a long-term ESC volunteer? What kind of work should you expect for different social causes? From my experience which places are the best to work if you choose Latvia? Or even should you choose Latvia at all? 

ESCape the ordinary is back with a new Latvian edition! In this episode, you will get to know 10 different long-term projects in Latvia. For starters, my project at Vidusdaugavas NVO Centrs is to promote ESC and solidarity while traveling the country to create videos. But where else can you work:

  • Rezekne: European Association World Our Home
    (social cause: seniors & people with dissabilities)
  • Jekabpils: Jekabpils Bernu un jauniesu centrs (social cause: youth)
  • Riga: Rigas jauniesu centrs Kanieris (social cause: youth)
  • Riga: Jauniesu Studija Bambuss (social cause: youth)
  • Ventspils: Attistibas Fabrika (social cause: youth)
  • Gulbene: Gulbene 1. Pirmsskola (social cause: kids &youth)
  • Gulbene: Gulbenes Novada Vidusskola (social cause: youth)
  • Riga: Kanepes Kulturas Centrs (social cause: refugees)
  • Riga: Active Rainbow (social cause: LGBTQ+)

From this episode, you will get to know a lot of details about these organizations’ projects. Why is on-arrival training so useful? Some interesting or even strange facts about Latvia. And some suggestions about how to choose your long-term project.

You can listen to it on our Spotify channel:

Listen and download from our sound library:

If you would like to learn more details about these projects check out our videos:

(At the appearance of this episode, not every video will be already up on this Youtube channel but until the end of January 2023 we will upload everything so stay tuned)

Created by: Lilla Dóra Mező

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