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Would you like to help the endangered sea turtles? Did you know that sea pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems in Turkey? How can we be aware and create awareness? Are the locals aware of these problems?

Every European Solidarity Corps project fights for a social cause! It’s crucial that when you are searching for a good project, first try to find a cause you are interested in, and after taking a look at the destination of the project.

In the case of the Third Eye Association of Mediterranean, this cause is environmental protection. As you can already know from the previous episode of ESCape the ordinary, volunteers are trying clean the beach, help baby turtles get to the sea, and create awareness locally about the problems of sea pollution. The beach of Kazanlı is protected because it’s a breeding area for endangered turtles like Caretta Caretta or Chelonia Mydas. Why these sea turtles are special? What should we know about them? What Third Eye Association can do to save them? With the help of Seyhan Akdogan, the founder of the Third Eye, we will discuss these questions and a lot more about the state and difficulties of environmental protection in Turkey.

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