The shadow of the future: Hungary and the European Union today

The shadow of the future: deconstructing global politics” is a biweekly podcast series, hosted by Tekla Gabrichidze, Mónica Silva, and Nini Basaria.

While in the previous episode we revisited the Tavares Report of 2013, this time we make our way back to current times. How should the European Union move forward after the Hungarian (and Polish) veto on the rule of law conditionality? To which extent is acceptable for the EU to monetize non-negotiable fundamental values? Rui Tavares will share once again unique insights.

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Hosts: Mónica Silva & Nino Basaria
Guest: Rui Tavares
Editing: Mónica Silva & Tamás Jamriskó
Research: Mónica Silva & Nino Basaria

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