Domestic violence during COVID-19 5/5 (1)

Crew: Anna Pasko and Alena Levina

In urge of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ call on protection of women from domestic violence, we dedicate this Underground Frequencies podcast to those suffering the abuse at home.

My name is Anna and today I am reaching out to Alena Levina. She is a Russian feminist, artist, cofounder of civic organization “Women. Disability. Feminism” (Женщины. Инвалидность. Феминизм), co-organizer of the festival of the same name in Moscow, coordinator of the invaprotest project aimed to give a chance to women with a disability to publicly protest. You can follow “Women. Disability. Feminism.” civic organization on Instagram and find out more about invaprotest by typing in #invagirls.

Currently, Alena and her team are fundraising for the printed edition of the “Women. Disability. Feminism.” journal, which is going to be distributed among women and girls with a disability. Unfortunately, the coronavirus slowed down the process.

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