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Dear Listeners! The First University Radio From Pest (EPER radio) presents you an interview with Sum 41’s lead guitarist, Dave Brownsound, recorded before the show at Budapest Park, Hungary.

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The interview’s transcript:

Adrienn Baka: You’ve been going on for a pretty long time now. What is it that keeps you guys going and going with all this energy?

Dave Brownsound: Besides the fact that we can’t really do anything else. It’s just the fact that it’s fun. It’s still fun. Like after all these years it’s still a blast and you know, depending on if we have 30 minutes or depending on how much time do we have, it’s still something that we look forward to.

Your new studio album Order in Decline is coming out soon. It’s gonna be a deeply personal album, right?

Every record has a personal theme. Over the years it has been a little bit more reflectional of how the world hits us and how we feel about it.

Where did the album name came from?

Just in the state of the globe. The order of the world is in decline now but it’s not something that can’t be fixed. But we do need to be conscious of it.

The album contains several heavy songs but also a couple of lighter and slower ones. Wich do you prefer most?

As far as slow and heavy? It doesn’t really matter. I love the groove and getting in the pocket of slow songs and I love the raw agression of the fast songs.

Are we gonna hear more powerful guitar solos from you?

Yeah, actually this record has the most solos out of any song record so far.

What was it like to play Out for Blood for the first time?

Oh, it was incredible! I remember hearing the tape back, thinking that, and asking everybody like: hey, are we playing the track or something like that? But no, it ended up being really good. We filmed the video twice and so we all kinda have our moves down for the song. It just had this new energy but the crowd was excited and so were we, yeah.

So A Death in the Family came out. Are you going to play it for us tonight?

Not sure.

How does it feel like to play a song for the first time in general?

In general the first time there’s always, uh, it’s a little bit more reserved so we can hit the notes right and do it properly.

So far what feedbacks and reactions did you get about these two released songs?

The No Personal Space Tour was great because we were playing songs that we don’t normally play and I mean, it went from like a 100 to like 800. And they were just crazy about every song because it was just a bunch of fans that knew everything about the band.

Can you tell us more about the upcoming album?

Yeah, of course. It’s a reflection of the way that the world is, has been in the past like 4 years. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s called Order of Decline. And we’re upset – but also we don’t wanna impose our views on anybody. We always just wanna be honest with our fans and, you know, let them know how we feel and what we think.

So, it’s not a political one?

It’s political. Very. For sure.

I was wondering. How does it feel like to know that there are people growing up on your music? I mean, you were one of the bands that I grew up listening to and sure as hell my kids are  gonna know who Sum41 are. So yeah, what toughts and feelings does this give to you?

We were kinda actually shocked about it, because we first started up Warped Tour in 2016. We tought we were playing to just old, cursty punk-rockers, right? And we didn’t even think we had fans as young as you. We tought literally we weere gonna be one of those bands but we stepped out on the stage in Dallas and it just rans from like 12 all the way up to, you know, 50. And it was one of the most, like touching moments, because we realized at that point maybe we did something that would actually last a little bit longer that you know, the typical 10 years.

Is there a band you liked when you were young and later you could tour with?

We brought The Vandals, wich is a great punk-rock band from California. So we took them out a while ago and lately it’s a lot of younger bands so we’re kinda playing it backwards, you know. Older band hear from us.

The interview was made by Adrienn Baka and Bernadett Megyesi.

Photo: Bernadett Megyesi

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