Budapest Calling 02 5/5 (1)

May 4, 2020. Five students in five locations reporting live: Julia, Nini, Lilla, Ana and Tomi.
The situation in Georgia where few days ago only birds made the loudest noises in the capital because cars were not allowed and public transport was stopped — the country with relatively low number of infected people.
How a church operates during lockdown — A little town surounded by woods closed down from other places to prevent tourism — A deserted marketplace on Monday afternoon in the center of the Hungarian capital city where the poor are the most visible on the street. — A live report barefoot from a swingbed from a garden where our reporter attempts to decipher the balckbird’ calls where the neighboring mountain forests are closed down. — We try to predict where we may be in a month’s time. — What and how best friends talk about during the lockdowns. — Spending much time with family members may change family relations — in the positive direction — And finally, recommendations of movies, series and books to escape lockdown.

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