This Year’s Hungarian Movies (2014)


Editor: Rosanics Petra

Pintér Lilla (ELTE ÁJK)
Ipkovics Ágnes (BME GÉK)
Kálvin Viktória (ELTE BTK)

The topic is this year’s Hungarian movies and how the Hungarian film industry has improved during the last years. The radio show includes 3 short interviews with 3 average university students, 3 motion picture soundtracks and István Szabó’s acceptance speech at the Oscars in 1981. In the interviews the pupils talk about their experiences with this years’ Hungarian movies.


1. István Szabó’s Acceptance Speech  source: Oscars’ Youtube Channel (
2. Mihály Víg: The Turin Horse (soundtrack)  source:
3. Amon Tobin: Taxidermia (soundtrack)  source:
4. Csorba Lóci, Reisz Gábor: Ez van: For Some Inexplicable Reason (soundtrack)  source:

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